Steel Accommodation?

Steel containers are a durable and flexible storage option for many business customers. Storing your surplus equipment here could help your business prosper, by reducing wasted space, but would you ever consider living in one?

With rising house prices, and the drive to be more ‘green’, more and more people seem to be turning to steel containers for accommodation.  It is by no means limited to homes though, with offices and even hotels being constructed from these disused containers.

Here are a few examples, and you can read the main article at…

In 2008 Travelodge opened a hotel in Uxbridge, London, made entirely from storage containers. It was the first of its kind in Europe, and the company have hailed this pioneering technique as an affordable and efficient way to build a hotel. The finished product actually looks like any other hotel.

Many homeowners now see construction from steel containers as a green and affordable alternative to traditional housing – it looks pretty cool too! Some estimates say that to construct one of these homes costs less than half the amount using traditional methods would.

If you don’t fancy living in one, but would still like to store your excess possessions in one then visit our Container Storage page for more detail.


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